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With this fully automatic script from texmedia you can create as many different pixel grids as you want and conveniently and easily manage them online. There are a great number of features in the program that allows you a wide latitude in managing the grids and in the design and layout to match existing website pages. By having your own Million Dollar Homepage like Alex Tew, you can create and manage a marketing website, photo gallery, charity site, a graphical link exchange and other similar webiste add-ons.

Once installed and activated, the Million Pixel Script will be working for you. The program is intuitive and easyh the user to manage without any knowledge of programming, nor does it require any coding. After the installation, your own new pixel grid website is ready for visitors and can be customized to match your existing website through online administration via a browser. Advanced users can also use this script to fully integrate it into website projects, creating unique and function pixel grid webpages.

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Some ideas which can be realized with the Million Pixel Script very easy:

Million Dollar Homepage

Charity Site

Link Exchange

Photo Gallery

Renting of Adspaces different sizes

Photo Memory for Weddings/Parties

Winning Game

... and many more!

Online Demo

Check out our current Pixel Script versions online and see the administration area behind the script! You will be convinced of the amazing features.


Features marked with are exclusivly developed ideas of texmedia, making this script unique. Features marked with are exclusively contained in the PRO version of the Million Pixel Script.

Read about all features in detail here

Complete dynamic Website, ready for action
Includes: Blog, FAQ, Feedbackform, Tell-a-friend form, Newsletter Option, "Link to us" Site,  Legal Notice, Statistic
Multi language efficent script
Currently the script (frontend and administration) is provided in the following languages: english, german, spanish, french, dutch, italien, portuguese, romanian, turkey. New languages can be added without difficulty.
Complete Online-Administration (Online Demo)  
HTML Templates  
WHYSIWYG Editor (Html-Editor)  
Free definable grid sizes
Pixel Grid Subpages
Free definable Pixel Blocksizes
Grid background images changeable  
Animated Grids
Full integration in other websites possible (Plug-In)
Price-Zones on grids    
"Not For Sale"-Zones (Example)  
Intelligent On-The-Fly Pixel Selection
Reserved Pixel
Pixel Expiration  
Saving also the original images
Free definable Mouse-Over-Boxes (Tooltips) (Example)
More than 450 pictures to choose from
Grid Format: Colour Reducing, Interlace, Imageformat png/gif/jpg
Pixel activation and deletion through email
Admin-eMail notification of new pixels  
Minimum/Maximum Blockselection definable
Individual Price-Configuration of grids  
"Deny Pixel Adding" Option (Show-Grid)
"Buy on Click" Option  
Pixel Transparency Effect
Pixel Highlight Effect
Highlight Search
Different Designs
Timezone/Dateformat changeable  
Pixellist with Searchfunction  
Referrer Ranking
Featured Sponsor
Payment Gateways: Paypal, Alertpay, Safepay, e-Gold, 2Checkout, Wire transfer (more to be added in the future)  
Real URLs  
Easy adding of Google Adsense  
Grid Efficiency Status Bar
Lock Site  
Easy installation and configuration  
1 year free updates included  

The following features are additional features in the PRO Version of the Million Pixel Script:
Automatic Jobs
Ban of words, IPs
VAT Calculation  

If you want to start a site like, just take a look to the Million Pixel Script PRO Lotto Edition here
The following features are additional features in the PRO LOTTO Version:

You can create as many pixel lotto games as you want at one site
As you can see in the demo of this script, you can create different grid pages within the site and all can be defined as lotto game or as normal pixel grid.
Jackpot Share
You can define a share in percentage of sold pixel amounts the jackpot should increase with as well as the maximum amount of the Jackpot.
Current Jackpot
The current amount of the Jackpot can be shown as a dynamic status bar.
Hits per day, unique Hits
You can define the number of hits a player gets per day. If the player should only be able to click on different pixel Ads simply switch on the unique Hits option.
Colorize of clicked pixel Ads
To symbolize the player on which pixel Ads he has already clicked, these Ads will be colorized. You can even define the color for these feature!
Players Registration, Password Forgotten Function
Visitors can simply register for participating the pixel lotto game. The form includes a captcha code image for security reasons. If the Player has forgotten his password, he can simply get it by email automatically from the system.
Minimum Age
You can define the players minimum age for signing up.
List, search and edit Hits and Players
The administration area lets you easily manage them.
Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Playing Rules
These templates can be filled easily via the online administration area or directly in the html template.
Start the Draw online, Restart game
You can start the draw of the pixel lotto game when you want and also restart the game. If you restart, the grid will be cleaned of Ads and the registererd player hits will be deleted.

Technical Requirements

1 Domain + Hosting Webspace with PHP Support
1 MYSQL Database


You can add our products to a shopping cart directly on this website and pay them via PayPal by creditcard. PayPal is one of the biggest worldside payment providers and the use is free for you as purchaser. They do not charge a user fee from a purchaser for transactions.

After the completion of the payment, you will receive an eMail with your login information for our customer server where you can download your script. Just follow the instructions to download the script to your computer.

One license allows you to run the script on one domain. However, you can change the design, logo, banner, text, code and what you want for your own use except, the script-copyright located at the bottom of the page. If you want to remove that reference you can purchase also the 'branding free' option, at an additional cost of the script license.


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Licence for one URL

EUR 149

Licence for one URL
EUR 164

Licence for one URL

EUR 193

This Branding-Free-Option allows you to remove the copyright-link of from the footer of one Million Pixel Script licence.
EUR 99
If you are not familiar with FTP, MySQL or serverconfigurations, we will install your Million Pixel Script directly onto your server.
EUR 55
Upgrade to the PRO Version
If you want to use the powerfull additional features of the PRO version, you can upgrade your current version.
EUR 15
Upgrade to the LOTTO Edition
If you already own a Million Pixel Script PRO Licence, you can upgrade to the LOTTO Edition.
EUR 29
Installation Service (Update / Upgrade)
We will install the update or purchased upgrade onto your current installation.
EUR 29
Licence Change
Changing the licence (URL, Name) afterwards require some new files created by us for a small service fee.
Support Package
Individual support needed? Problems with an individual customization or help needed for an implementation into a nother platform? We can help. The Support Package contains half an hour of individual support, either by phone or directly on your server.
EUR 49
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All prices include VAT. By purchasing, you agree to have read and agreed to our terms of service. We cannot provide a refund after you have downloaded a purchased software product from our server.

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Knowledge Base

If you have questions regarding the Million Pixel Script, please review the Million Pixel Script Knowledge Base. The knowledge base has a lot of topics, and you will find answers to many questions about technical requirements, licence, documentation for the script and many more.

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