Million Pixel Script


Version 3.0

Huge amount of amazing new features are coming with this big update.


  • Fixed problem of the preview of the selected pixel image
  • Fixed problem of the URL detection
  • Fixed problem of eMail extensions as .info
  • Fixed problem that user could activate pixels although the admin didn't activated them yet
  • Deletion-Time placeholder in mail missed
  • Now it is allowed to use also the * in the URL
  • Improved tooltip with new code
  • Fixed problems in navigation of admins pixellist
  • Yesterdays ranking problem fixed when activated "unique clicks" setting
  • When sending a newsletter no more user will get an email twice because of having an ad and being in mailling list also
  • Fixed bug with number of pixel page in admin status
  • Removed styles from get pixel process code into new classes within style.css. Now fields and buttons can be adjusted to an own design easier
  • Renamed feedback.php because of some server restriction problems

New Features:

  • Changeable admin directory (control dir)
  • Blocksize width and height adjustable in every size you want
  • Blocksize images added
  • Better language detection code
  • Dropdown Menu for sub categories possible. (Changeable in admin -> configuration)
  • Grid can be defined to allow doubled URL/email now
  • Added additional currencies
  • Automatic table of contents in FAQ
  • Timezone and date format configurable in admin
  • Pixellist in admin shows images in same size for better view (can be changed to original size by clicking in the table header)
  • Number of entries shown in pixellist in admin can be adjusted
  • Featured Sponsor Feature can be defined per grid now
  • Maximum imagesize in kilobyte for upload process can be adjusted per grid
  • Maximum chars in title can be adjusted per grid
  • New tooltip (mouse over box) which you can customize per grid as you want in layout, content (images, hits, url etc.) and more
  • Number of entries for referrer and ranking lists can be adjusted
  • Original images can be saved also for the pixel entry. Original image can automatically resized and you can link and show this image i.e. in mouse over box
  • Original image can also be animated (if not automatically resized)
  • Reduced mysql serverload because of outsourcing of images from database
  • Renewing time of grids adjustable (hourly, daily, after a change etc.)
  • Reserved pixels can be shown as reserved now
  • Text, textcolor, textsize, backgroundcolor of resreved fields can be setup per grid as you want. It can also be used an defined image as reserved image
  • Target window can be adjusted per pixel entry in admin. Makes it possible to open special links within same window or to create a menu directly on a grid
  • When choosing a blockimage as backgroundimage for a grid, grid size can be as big as you want
  • If pixel selection takes place in scrolled areas of the screen, the screen will scroll automatically to that position again
  • Buy on Click Option
  • Transparency effect explicit adjustable per grid and pixel-selection-grid
  • Pixel Highlight Option on mouse over possible when grid is adjusted with transparency.
  • Animated pixels possible
  • Transparent areas within an uploaded pixel image will stay transparent
  • Updated zoom code
  • New option: Deny pixel adding. Grids will be shown but it is not possible to add pixels (admin can add pixels via admin area). Usefull for "Show-Grids" etc.
  • When changing a grid page on the website, you will stay in that menu you were before now instead of always going to "home"
  • If maximum pixel selection will be set up to 1 (i.e. on bigger ads) the next get step will automatically come up to save a click
  • Pixel selection process improved. You only need to hold down the mouse button and are able to select and deselect pixel blocks. As before, only connected fields can be selected.
  • Colors for that pixel selection process (selecting, deselecting) can be defined per grid
  • Different Price Categories can now be defined and you can explicit select the fields on a grid you want for that price categorie. So you could define different prices per pixelblock!
  • Possible to define a different grid background especially for the pixel selection process by adding the image to incs/grid_templates with the prefix "premap_"
  • "Not for sale" blocks possible by simply clicking the blocks in admin you want to block.
  • When typing in admin password wrong for 5 times at admin login the IP will be blocked for a time due to security improvement
  • Admin can define the expiring date of each pixel entry (and so he can also set up a pixel entry to "non-expiring")
  • Admin can switch pixel entries to "reserved"
  • New placeholder in header template to show total pixels, busy pixels, free pixels and the same for pixelblocks. (You will find the placeholder in the header.php)
  • For the free design of header and footer template with regard to the dynamik menu items, you can use new placeholder for the raw URLs of the menu items
  • In admin pixel entries can now be multi deleted
  • By adding $_SP['pagenameX'] and $_SP['pagesloganX'] in lang/language.php file you can make pagenames and slogans multilingual
  • Blog and FAQ entries can now be added for each language individual
  • WHYSYWIG Editor added for send mail, edit templates, blog and FAQ. You can choose if you want to use the old editor.
  • Send mails via admins area are now in html format
  • Restore template option: Language file and all templates can be restored to original file very easy now if you frazzled them
  • If dozends of grids are existing, not all will be listed anymore in admin grids list to improve speed
  • Top Ranking and Top Referrer lists can be reseted in admin -> configuration -> menu
  • New placeholder %[SEARCHALL]% can be added in header template to add an input field whereover it can be searched directly on grids. Results will be highlighted, others faded out
  • New placeholder %[SEARCHGLOBAL]% can be added in header template to add a global pixel search field. Results will be shown as pixel list
  • Newsletter can be set up on/off now
  • New status in admin with Visual Grid Utilisation Bar
  • Admin can disable/enable the website now easily via website for editing etc.
  • Language file list in admins edit section will now be sorted alphabetically for better findings
  • Option "Real URL links" will use real links instead of the tracked link for search engine optimizing, now clicks will also be counted/tracked when this option is activated.

Neue Funktionen in der PRO Version:

  • Added VAT which can be defined per grid
  • New option PopUp: You can define per grid if the user MUST fill in an URL or not. If not, a PopUp window will be shown when clicking on the pixel image. The content of the popUp can be defined (to show title, uploaded image etc.)
  • New admin option JOBS:
    • Random selecting of a pixel field on special times/periods (everything configurable). Makes it possible to realize winning games etc.
    • Automatically PopUp window on website visiting with a random chosen pixel entry link (to force up pixel clicks ;-) )
    • Automatically PopUp window on website visiting with a defined link
      (windows will be pop up never mind if there is a popup blocker :-))
  • Added Userlogin. User can now edit their pixel entries by themself. This option can individual activated per grid!
  • New admin option BAN: Words, URLs, eMail addresses, IPs can be blocked on different areas of the website now. Cool feature to disallow words like "Sex" etc.

Die Changes der vorigen Versionen werden hier nicht mehr aufgelistet.

Version 2.3 - 03.01.2006

Version 2.2 - 16.12.2005

Version 2.1 - 13.12.2005

Version 2.0 - 10.12.2005

Version 2.0 - 10.12.2005

Version 1.42 - 02.12.2005

Version 1.41 - 19.11.2005

Version 1.4 - 08.11.2005

Version 1.3 - 30.10.2005

Version 1.2 - 22.10.2005

Version 1.1 - 18.10.2005

Version 1.0 - 01.10.2005


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