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"Vielen Dank fuer das klasse Script und die Dokumentation. Installation lief wie butter, ganz ohne Probleme. Das Script war genau das was ich suchte fuer mein Projekt. War lange bei der Pro Version, habe mich dann doch fuer die lotto Version entschieden,
Vielen Dank"
G. Lindengruen

"Sie möchten innovativ für ihr Unternehmen werben, dann benutzen Sie Onlinewerbung als Werbeplattform für ihre Webseiten.", T. Paul

"Mittlerweile liebe ich Ihr Script!"

"I want to say the more I look at it the more impressed I become. It is an amazing piece of code! I am very excited about the possibilities."

"Dear Texmedia, I credit Alex Tew for a very original and wonderful idea - but you guys really made that idea colossal! Your Pixel Script is absolutely far (way far) superior to any other pixel script around. It?s just so logical, well planned and super-easy to use that I praise to you guys everyday as I discover new features to make my job a total delight. It's also so easy to customize that we purchased it and we were able to launch it in just minutes on We sincerely feel that we have total control over our pixel directory.
Thanks a million you guys!"
Sean McDonald, Webmaster

"Ich finde, dass dieses Script das beste Script für Pixelwerbung im Netz ist. Ich habe mir vorher andere Scripts angeschaut aber alle hatten nicht die Leistungsmerkmale wie dieses. Es ist sein Geld alle mal wert."
Thomas P.,

"Magnifique et superbe! Dans le monde des Millions Pixels, ce programme de Texmedia couronné de succès est sans concurrence. Il dispose même de tout ce qu’un client sans expérience à besoin pour l’organisation et la réalisation d’un Million Pixel Site. Il ne laisse aucun désire ouvert. Markus, je me réjouis d’avoir fait la découverte de ton programme."

"I almost put my head through the wall trying to find a better solution. With this script, I can now spend my time marketing, not maintaining. Besides, the price of this script is way cheaper than repairing the holes in my walls!"
Mike E.,

"Our website is starting well... Your script is great and I really enjoy the capability to add a pixel banner in another website (like :"

"The Million Script stands head and shoulders above the competition! A feature-packed script, with exceptional support to rely on for all my questions, it's been nothing but plain sailing to get my business up and running! Seeing my sales start to take off has been an amazing feeling!!

"I have installed and have been using your software for 3-4 days and we have sold about $400 worth of advertising already, so it's paid for itself in a matter of days."

"If you want my opinion about the million pixel script, I can tell you that this script is probably the best you can get ! It is very easy in use, has more extra features than most other scripts(such as multi language, preinstalled contents,...) and is very easy to customize. It maybe isn't the cheapest one on the market but if you want a good looking website, an excellent service,... texmedia is exactly what you need ! The phew dollars/euros you spent extra are surely worth it, believe me ! Thanks Texmedia crew."

"Texmedia has created an outstanding and self sufficient pixel program. The support team, which to me is the back bone of any good product, is always available to help answer and resolve your questions. After spending many hours researching and now utilizing the Texmedia Million Pixel script I highly recommend this product."
Geoff Mott, President

"Thank you very much Markus. Now I know that your support is as good as your script. You just made my job much easier."

"Thanks for writing that script and making it available for other people to use... Compared with the others in the market you deserve every single penny you make. The script was MUCH better than I expected, and it was very user friendly."

"We're really impressed with the Million Pixel Script and with the service and support that comes with it. It's easy to install, with good clear instructions. When we have had a problem - always because of our ignorance, never a real problem with the script - the Knowledge Base has been very useful and the direct response from Texmedia has been great. We'd recommend the Million Pixel Script to anyone wanting to create a pixel advertising site"
Stephanie and Corinne,

"It's a great script."

"Ich habe die Software bei Ihnen gekauft, absolute Spitzenklasse muss man sagen."

"Ich bin mit dem Programm wirklich sehr gut zufrieden. Etwas vergleichbares findet sich nicht so schnell zu diesem günstigen Preis, und besonders möchte ich mich bedanken für den sehrguten sowie schnellen Service und Hilfestellungen."

"As you know I have purchased 2 scripts from you now, the most recent for The reason is obvious! You have the best pixel package out there. Besides the business side and ease of use and manageability, we have alot of fun with your software. I just wish to thank you and your support is outstanding."

"The Million script is by far one of the most advanced pixel scripts on the internet. Customer service is second to none and when you have a problem, Markus is there to fix it even with an international time zone he works with his clients to get them going. I would recommend this script to any business that wants to add pixel campaigns to their product offerings."

"Excellent and bravo! Best script going anywhere and the support is beyond fantastic! If this script can't do something you want it shouldn't be done or they will add the feature straight away. I've never made a better purchase."

"Texmedia has developed a great script that is easy to install, update, and manage! There are a lot of great features in the script that we would have never had time to develop on our own."

"Perfect that is exactly what we wanted.
You Rock,

"Thank you for an awesome script and for your wonderful support."

"Thanks Markus! The new features are excellent! Your directions were easy to follow and everything installed perfectly. All of my modifications stayed in place too. I am very happy! Thank you."

"I found the Million Pixel Script easy to use and for a complete novice to developing websites easy to understand. A fantastic script packed with features that I would highly recomend for anyone wanting to start their own pixel web site, it was so good I bought a second copy"

"I have been so impressed by how easy it is to customize my pages. The knowledge base helped me add a valuable service for my advertisers in a matter of minutes. If you're savvy, this script is robust and powerful. If you're a relative newbie, this script does everything you need it to without headaches. This produces the cleanest looking, most professional pixel pages on the web!"
Bob Jenkins,

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