Million Pixel Script

The Story of The Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew, a student from the UK had an excellent idea. He sold 1 million pixels on his website, for one dollar each. Within a short time, he earned more than a million USD and became well-known on the worldwide internet. With his conceptualization of the Million Dollar Homepage, a new form of online marketing was born. Instead of having usual advertising spaces as banners or skyscrapers, ads can now be displayed in the form of smaller pixel images or mini logos and symbols, linked to a website. As the result of this, there are now many creative and dynamic methods to integrate a pixel grid into websites to rent ad spaces or use it as another form of link exchange. has developed a fully automomatic script which provides many possibilities, allowing you to create different pixel grids and manage them online. One of our customers, has become a successfull marketing place by using this script. Through our constant development, the texmedia Million Pixel Script provides more! The many amazing features of this easy-to-use software makes it possible to implement many different advertising methods or integrate them into other websites without the need programming knowledge. After a simple installation process, a fully dynamic pixel page website is created and operational.

Alex Tew's latest Pixel Lotto idea was also based on the same principle. He offered 1 million pixels for 200 USD per 100 pixel block and made a kind of pixel lottery of it. The lottery jackpot was 1 Million Dollar and all users visiting his site had the chance to win that jackpot by clicking on the purchased pixel ads.

The Million Pixel Script does also have these features included in the version PRO LOTTO.